Friday, July 9, 2010

Arbitor - #fridayflash

John Creemon was down in his basement listening to Workin’ Them Angels by Rush when he thought he heard something creeping up on him. The fourteen year old convinced himself that the noise was just the old house creaking. There it is again, he knew he heard it that time.
He turned around only to see the most terrifying beast imaginable. The pretty caressed armour shined in his eyes, the beast had four separate lips, it was nine feet tall, had four toes, six fingers, and was ugly as hell.
It seemed to pull out some sort of formed hand grip. It flipped its wrist and the grip quickly seemed to form a type of blue sword filled with energy with two tips and nothing between.
“Holy S**t!” was all John could say. The beast darted towards him, slashing and stabbing. John could only think of his pocket knife. He pulled it out FAST. John dodged yet another stab, Snuck up behind the beast, jumped on his back and managed to stab him in the left side of the beasts throat.
The best let out a roar so bone chilling John noticed his Xbox Vibrate. The beast pulled him off his back and held him by the throat.
“You will die.” The beast said in a cold, hard voice.
John grabbed the knife and Stabbed the beast where no armour was.
The beast finally dropped.
“You are one ugly son of a Bitch.”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ben. =,v)
I find this vid to be very touching. It's beautiful in an artistic way. The music is mezmorizing, I was lost in thought and beuty as I listend to this musical art. In a word: masterpeice. I think Ben is a fallen angel because his talent is greater than God himself. Tom, you have a brilliant taste in music. If I had one wish it would to have Ben's talent. I love this song. Musical art.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Aren't They Adourable?

I could only get the one pix for now cuz the mother is being a brat!
When i go out with out my cam she's not there.
But whene i leave for ten seconeds to get my cam she's there.
[>:( ]---I-<
^That's me.
Stupid mother bird.
But i can wait 'till later!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birds. :P

These are so CUTE!!! I promise To post the babies within the next week.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi Peoples

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.
But I can make it up to you.
RAWRS! This is the freeking witch. Or as Coach refers to her: "Hey look a B****!'' Scary stuff man. She sits there and cries. Sounds retarded right? WRONG The witch uses this stradidgy to make her seem weak, but when approached she groans like she's ready to kill. Thing is she will kill you. Well down you. If you're to far from your team-mates, You're SOOOOOOOOOOO dead.
Well I'm going to play Perfect World now.
Ok so I'm going now.
Happy birthday Richard.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010




That is me. That thing is my headset. My name is Angus. I am a gamer, and my gamertag (to whoever has X-Box live) is Death Squad777. I love reading, snow-mobileing, shooting, and of coarse playing video games. I play to win. I can't really think of anything else so ya.....