Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is a screen-shot of one of my games. Left 4 Dead. This game is great. Here's some reasons why:

1. The AI (artificial Intel.). The AI is at its' max here. The AI is so smart that the zombies that don't see you are in "Idle Mode". This means that they stumble around, throw-up, fight each other, and lean against walls. But when the common infected see you the make a ripping gesture and start screaming. Once they have finished screaming at you (which is like 2.5 seconds after they start), they sprint at you and start start ripping your face off... Harsh...

2. The story-line. The story of Left 4 Dead is that four survivors shoot their way through four campaigns of hell on earth to be rescued by more survivors.
Let me introduce the characters of Left 4 Dead 1 and 2.
This is Zoey. A collage girl who had low grades and was about to drop out of school when the zombie apocalypse hit. Fortunately she knew how to pull a trigger and load a gun. So she had something knew to study up on, the special infected (I'll explain them later).

This is Bill. A veteran of multiple wars, a smoker (not the infected), and has lots of expierience with guns. After multiple wars, Bill ran out of wars! So the military had to let him go. After years of laying around on the couch wacthing TV, he got a war!
This is Louis. A computer addict and a bisnous man. He had a good life until the apocolipse hit...

This is Francis. A biker and a crazy gun carier with an itchy trigger finger that makes zombies do dances! BOOM, HEAD-SHOT!
(Next post=special infected.)

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