Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sick Infected

I'm sick today. There I said it!
The special infected are really cool (including The Witch)! Here are some pix of all of them and some funny pix i just found!

This is the Hunter. My personal fav.^_^ He crouches down so his hands are spread out and only his finger tips/1-2 inch nails and the ball (not heel) of his foot touch the ground. I'll tell you in a bit why his nails are so long. In the crouched position it takes about half a second for the blood in his legs to start pumping. As the blood pumps, The Hunters legs get stronger letting him pounce from 100-200 feet. When The Hunter pounces on a survivor, He pins them down, Then uses its claws/nails to rip the survivors face open. YUMMY!

This is the Boomer. The fat guy. The Guy who was probably beaten with an ugly stick when he was alive. The job of the boomer is to run out of cover, run into the faces of survivors, get shot, blow up, and cover the survivors in bile.
Yah, That's right, Bile. The goal of the boomer is to run up to the survivors, puke on them, and run away or start clawing them and get shot. When the Boomer is shot it actualy blows up. When it blows up bile flies every-where. If the survivor gets bile on them they are blind momontarily. Boomer bile also attracts Infected then the infected claw at the survivors. Very helpful.

This is the Smoker. It's only called that because when killed, their body releases a gross green gas. The smoker is the "sniper" of the group. It can go up to 100 yards away from an infected and still "smoke" them. It shoots its tongue out and constricts the surviver, Strangling them.
Im tired of typing now so I'm gunna read or watch animal planet, after i check my Bungie account. I Promise I WILL do the rest later. I think I'll read my moms blog! L8R peoples!


  1. Sorry to hear you're sick but I'm glad you're reading my blog.. you must have extraordinarily good taste!
    I love the fact you have a blog...
    Write me an original story, will ya? I want to see what's going on in your noode besides games stuff.
    Oh, and did I mention I love you?

  2. Hey cutie pie! I have just given you a Creative Blogger Award. Come by my site and pick it up!